Hi, my name is Brian A Curtis, and I am:

  • an Australian resident
  • an ordained Christian minister;
  •  the translator and editor of “A Twenty-First-Century Bible”;
  •  the writer of a book of children’s stories;
  •  a keen critic of the current practices of the church; and
  •  an advocate for a 21st century reformation in the church.

Welcome to my website.

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SERMON: The Two Great Commandments

Luke 10:25-37 A. INTRODUCTION One of the great traditions of the church—and amongst Anglican’s in particular—has been the reciting of the commandments. Indeed, in the Book of Common Prayer, the Ten Commandments were required to be recited at every single communion...

DEVOTION: The Spiritual Journey

Matthew 7:13-14 One of the things about life is that it can seem to be smoothly rolling along—like we haven’t a care in the world—when all of a sudden it comes to a screeching halt, and we are forced to take a change in direction. It can happen when we are young, when...

QUESTION: Retirement

It is often said that there is no such thing as retirement in the church. But, if so, why does the church behave differently to its workers who have technically “retired” but are still willing to help? Where, in biblical terms, is the respect and care that is due to...

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