Hi, my name is Brian A Curtis, and I am:

  • an Australian resident
  • an ordained Christian minister;
  •  the translator and editor of “A Twenty-First-Century Bible”;
  •  the writer of a book of children’s stories;
  •  a keen critic of the current practices of the church; and
  •  an advocate for a 21st century reformation in the church.

Welcome to my website.

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OPINION: An Open Letter on Marriage

To the Anglican Church in Australia I am having some difficulty in regard to the current position of the Anglican Church on marriage. Because whilst I can see that same-sex relationships are neither biblical nor part of the Anglican tradition, I can also see that...

DEVOTION: Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing

Matthew 7:15-21 If you’re anything like me, when I read the bible, I sometimes find a passage that makes me very uncomfortable. Perhaps I don’t like what it says, or I don’t agree with it. And it’s like there’s a temptation to tear the page out; to edit the bible to...

DEVOTION: Who Do People Say that I Am?

Matthew 16:13-20 These days people seem to have opinions on just about everything. They may even have opinions of who Jesus was (and is)—and on who we are too—but then that’s nothing new. In Biblical times people had opinions about Jesus. They were the results of what...