Hi, my name is Brian A Curtis, and I am:

  • a retired Christian minister;
  • the translator and editor of A Twenty-First-Century Bible;
  • the writer of an A-Z of the Laws of Moses and the Proverbs of Solomon;
  • the writer of a book of children’s stories suitable for use in worship services; and
  • the creator of Operation Repent – a tool to aid reform in the Christian church.

Welcome to my website.


SERMON: All Good Things Come to an End

Matthew 28:20bA. INTRODUCTIONLike all things in life, all good things come to an end—and life is full of things that we enjoy. As a consequence, when it comes to parting, it can be very difficult to let go. And yet, at some stage, we have to set certain things...

SERMON: Four Questions About Christmas

Matthew 1:18-25; Luke 2:1-20A. INTRODUCTIONI know it’s not Christmas yet, nevertheless, I want to ask the question, ‘How do we celebrate Christmas?’ And the reason I ask that is because it can never be too soon to consider our reply.Because how we celebrate it, is a...

UPDATE: Radical Thinking, etc.

Radical ThinkingThe Bible study book Radical Thinking: 16 Studies on the Laws of Moses has now been published. It contains sixteen studies on the laws given to Moses—either on Mount Sinai or during the forty years that the Israelites wandered in the wilderness—and it...