Hi, my name is Brian A Curtis, and I am:

  • an Australian resident
  • an ordained Christian minister;
  •  the translator and editor of “A Twenty-First-Century Bible”;
  •  the writer of a book of children’s stories;
  •  a keen critic of the current practices of the church; and
  •  an advocate for a 21st century reformation in the church.

Welcome to my website.

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DEVOTION: Unity in Diversity

Romans 12:1-21 Getting any group of people to agree on a particular idea or action is not always an easy thing to do. People come from different backgrounds, have different likes, different priorities, etc. So getting any group to agree on something can be a major...

CHILDREN’S STORY: 11 of 1 (Chapter 2)

A few weeks later, I was outside, in the back garden, sitting around the pool, and I must have been daydreaming. Then all of a sudden 3 of 1 was there and handing me a Bible. But this time as I took it, I said to him. ‘You know that I don’t believe.’ ‘Yes, sir.’ ‘So,...

SERMON: The Priority of Spiritual Healing

Mark 5:21-43 A. INTRODUCTION 1. Keeping A Secret We all have times when we need to confide in someone, whether it’s about something that has happened to us or an issue about which we have been thinking. Indeed, we all have times when we need a sounding board to help...

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