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An A to Z of the Laws of Moses and Proverbs of Solomon

16 Studies on the Laws of Moses

48 Children's Stories for Public Worship and Other Occasions


SERMON: Five Reasons Not to Worry

Matthew 6:24-34A. INTRODUCTION1. GeneralSome people are great worriers. They worry about whether their needs will be met. And if those needs are met today, they then worry about whether they will be met tomorrow. Some people worry about possessions. They worry about...

SERMON: Religious Righteousness

Matthew 6:1-21A. INTRODUCTION1. Strange IdeasThe term ‘Lent’ is one that many people know well. However, it is also something which many people today have some very strange ideas about. For example, in recent years, Lent has been a time where some people have given up...

SERMON: A Christian’s Check List

Matthew 5:1-12A. INTRODUCTIONOne of the things considered by many to be the curse of the age is the concept of the list. Some people like lists, and write lists for anything and everything, because it helps them to remember—to make sure nothing gets forgotten. And...