Hi, my name is Brian A Curtis, and I am:

  • a retired Christian minister;
  • the translator and editor of A Twenty-First-Century Bible;
  • the writer of an A-Z of the Laws of Moses and the Proverbs of Solomon;
  • the writer of a book of children’s stories suitable for worship services; and
  • the creator of Operation Repent- a tool to aid reform in the Christian church.

Welcome to my website.


SERMON: Role Models

Philippians 3:17-4:1A. INTRODUCTIONWith news of organised crime, mass murder, terrorism, and the like, there are two basic concerns. Firstly, for the people that become involved and affected by the events themselves and, secondly, that others will get ideas and start...

SERMON: Christian Initiation

Acts 10:44-48A. INTRODUCTION1. Celebrating and Remembering: The WorldWe celebrate or remember events, these days, that are important to ourselves and to our community. Apart from the obvious, like births, deaths, and marriages, we set aside time for Australia Day,...

SERMON: Hindsight

Acts 10:34-43A. INTRODUCTION1. UsHindsight is a wonderful thing. And if we all had the opportunities to go back and correct the mistakes that we’ve made—to change our actions and decisions, knowing what we know now—what a wonderful thing it would be.Because in life,...