A Twenty-First-Century Bible

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An A to Z of the Laws of Moses and Proverbs of Solomon

16 Studies on the Laws of Moses

48 Children's Stories for Public Worship and Other Occasions


SERMON: Accepting God’s Vision

Isaiah 2:1-5A. INTRODUCTION1. Setting GoalsAt the beginning of each year, many people make resolutions—they set goals and hopes for the coming year. And, of course, some scoff at those who do—and sometimes with good reason. Because the disadvantages of those who like...

SERMON: The Storms of Life

Psalm 107:23-32; Jonah 1:1-17; Mark 4:35-41A. INTRODUCTIONLet me first explain that my experience of the sea has been very limited. I’ve been across the English Channel on a number of occasions—using both ferries and hovercraft. I’ve been across the Solent on a number...

SERMON: Remembering

Psalm 105:1-11 & Luke 16:19-31A. INTRODUCTIONI ‘d like to start today with a confession. And that is . . . I was not brought up to consider remembering the past very seriously at all. For a start, as I was growing up, my father did not discuss his childhood or his...