The New Covenant
This week, I have completed my reviews of the fifth, and final book, in the series A Twenty-First-Century Bible and have lodged the manuscript for publication. It has passed the initial content evaluation (to check for potential breaches of copyright) and is now in the process of being copy edited.

Once that is complete, I will review the manuscript one more time, before approving the manuscript for publication.

I am hoping that the book will become available later this year.

New Direction
I am often asked, “What are you going to do once the fifth book is completed?” And that’s a fair question. However, one thing that translating the whole bible has taught me, is that the church today is very different to the church of the bible. Indeed, the more I have translated it, the greater the contrast has become between the practices of the church today and the practices and teaching of the bible.

As a consequence, I believe that God is calling me to take the next logical step: to exercise my gifts in trying to address (and even confront) these inconsistencies.

Now, in many ways, this is something that I have tried to do (in a quieter way), over the years, from within the Anglican Church in Tasmania. Unfortunately, what I’ve had to say has largely fallen on deaf ears. Furthermore, as a retired member of the clergy there are diminishing opportunities for me to have any input into the life of the church. (And the Anglican Church is not alone in this failing.) As a result, earlier this month, I felt the need to withdraw from active ministry within the Anglican church.

Now one level, this is sad. But on another level, it now gives me an opportunity to say things in a way that I might otherwise feel restricted.

So, once the publication of the fifth book has been completed, I intend to take a path away from the publication of books (although I do have another couple of books in mind), and place a greater emphasis on tackling the inconsistences between the bible’s teaching and the church’s practices.

But more on this in due course . . .

Posted: 23rd July 2020
© 2020, Brian A Curtis