The New Covenant
I am pleased to advise that the fifth and final part of A Twenty-First-Century Bible has now been published and is available to be purchased online or ordered through traditional bookshops. This brings to a conclusion a project that has consumed much of my time over the last ten (plus) years and will allow me to move on to other projects.

Bible Study: The Laws of Moses
The next project, a bible study guide on the Laws of Moses, is now well advanced. I have almost completed a review of the first draft, and hope to have the completed manuscript ready to be professionally copy-edited early next year. I then hope to get on with other projects.

Other Books
At this stage, a sequel to A Day in the Life of a Pair of Trousers and Other Stories is highly likely. In other words, another children’s book. But I also have it in mind to complete a book of sermons based on the characters of the Old Testament.

Operation Repent
In the new year, I also intend to start a different style of project—one which focusses on the need for church reform. For it has become evident to me how unbiblical the church has become.

Indeed, my experience in ministry and working with welfare recipients has shown me that there is a great gulf between what is said in the church and what is done. So much so, that the church is often seen as place in which to get married or buried or, more commonly, simply just one among a number of welfare agencies. Furthermore, my experience has taught me that there is little interest in the church into fixing the problem.

As a consequence, I intend to set up Operation Repent to provide a vehicle in which people can be challenged with the need for reform.

More on this matter next year . . .

Posted: 27th November 2020
© 2020, Brian A Curtis