The New Covenant
The final version of the manuscript for the book The New Covenant was completed earlier this week and has now been lodged for publication.

The book is the fifth and last book in the series A Twenty-First-Century Bible, and is a translation and rearrangement of the complete New Testament. It also includes an index of all Bible references—from Genesis 1:1 to Revelation 22:21—used in the five-volume series.

Its cover and interior are currently being designed and formatted, and its publication, hopefully later this year, will complete the five-volume project, which began some ten (plus) years ago.

Bible Study: The Laws of Moses
Once the book is published, I intend to move on to the completion of a Bible study guide on the Laws of Moses. The first draft is already complete, but the project now needs to be taken to the next stage—checking and editing.

The guide will have sixteen studies—sixteen themes—which can be divided into four groups of four for easier handling where required. It will include study notes at the rear.

Sequel to A Day in the life of a Pair of Trousers
In addition, I intend to publish a sequel to my children’s book A Day in the life of a Pair of Trousers.

I have already written a number of children’s stories for the project—with thirty-nine already drafted and ideas for another seven—but I hope to write a few more before proceeding to publication.

Posted: 23rd October 2020
© 2020, Brian A Curtis