Prophets and Kings:
The manuscript for Part 3 in the series “A Twenty-First-Century Bible” is currently receiving a final review. The final manuscript is expected to be lodged for publication at the end of February, in the hope that the book will become available in April/May 2018.

An A-Z Guide:
The Laws of Moses and the Proverbs of Solomon have now been put in place, and the manuscript is being checked for any laws and proverbs that may have been missed. It is intended to include explanatory comments where necessary, but that process is currently on hold pending the publication of “Prophets and Kings.” At this stage there is no fixed date for the completion and publication of this work.

Exile and Restoration:
The work on Part 4 of “A Twenty-First-Century Bible” is currently on hold, and is not expected to recommence until July. About 45% of the Hebrew text has already been translated, and the hope is to complete the rest of the manuscript by the end of the year. It will then need to go through a rigorous review process. The intention is to lodge the manuscript for copyediting around July 2019, with a view to publication by December that year.

Rough Cuts 2017:
The third instalment of the Rough Cuts series has been approved for publication. It is the last of the Rough Cuts series, and includes all the different blogs that have been posted on the author’s website (and through other social media) in 2017. It will be available for purchase from the author or through Amazon in February 2018.

Posted: 21st January 2018
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