I always find it helpful to set milestones when writing a book. So, a few days ago, when I saw that I had completed 70% of the planned verses for Book 3 (in the series A Twenty-First-Century Bible), I was very pleased.

Of course, with a book of this nature, the number of verses has tended to vary from time to time—particularly as I’ve honed in on the dividing line between Book 3 (Prophets and Kings) and Book 4 (Exile and Restoration). Nevertheless as I come ever closer to the completion of the first draft, the number of verses has become far less fluid.

Structurally, the book is finished, with each of the chapters in the Narrative section focussing on the events (in both the kingdoms of Judah and Israel) under the headings of the kings of Judah. Furthermore most of the relevant prophets have been inserted into their historical context. All that remains, therefore, is for me to include the text of the second half of Jeremiah and the first half of Ezekiel.

In writing this volume there has been a few external distractions. However, I am still hopeful that I can complete the first draft by 30th June 2017.

Posted: 19th February 2017
© 2017, Brian A Curtis