Operation Repent
Operation Repent has been created in response to the apparent gulf between the church of the New Testament and the church of today. For many of the teachings and practices of today appear to be at odds with the teachings and practices of the Bible.

Furthermore, experience, both as a minister and as a worker in a church welfare organisation, has taught me that many people today do not recognise the church for what it was intended. Indeed, many cannot distinguish it from any not-for-profit welfare organisation.

Operation Repent, therefore, is intended to be a vehicle of change. And my hope is that it will become interactive, and support and encourage biblical reform in the church.

The first phase has been completed: a website (operationrepent.com.au), with two online checklists that can be used to help assess the health of any church or Christian organisation:

1. How Biblical is my Church?
2. How Welcoming is my Church?

So while many will not be happy with change—wanting things to stay the same—my hope is that the need for reform will become evident and be received in a manner that is both biblical and fitting.

Bible Study: The Laws of Moses
In the meantime, I have needed to put on hold the bible study booklet on the Laws of Moses. However, I intend to take it up again in early February. Then I will do another review before submitting the manuscript for copy editing.

Posted: 21st January 2021
© 2021, Brian A Curtis