The publishing of books this year has not been as straightforward as I would have wished. Nevertheless, I can now advise the availability of two new books.

Bits and Pieces 2018
“Bits and Pieces 2018” (a renaming of “Rough Cuts 2018”) has finally been published. But it has been completed with Lulu, rather than Amazon KDP. Its content, however, remains the same—a record of the blogs posted on my website and other media for the calendar year.

Keys to a Godly Life
“Keys to a Godly Life. An A to Z of the Laws of Moses and the Proverbs of Solomon” is also now available.

The premise for the book, is the need to take seriously the words that God gave to Moses on Mount Sinai and elsewhere. After all, Christians may claim that many of God’s laws were fulfilled with the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. But if a believer truly wants to know who God is, what makes him tick, and how we are supposed to live, then what better way that to study God’s rules.

This book has at its heart, the two aspects of God’s laws: how to have a healthy relationship with him and how to build up a healthy thriving community.

It was intended that this book would be published through WestBow Press, however with the many barriers that they imposed, it has now been published through Lulu.

Exile and Restoration
The manuscript for “Exile and Restoration”—the fourth volume in the Twenty-First-Century Bible series—has been submitted for publication. It will now need to go through all the normal checks and editorial processes. I am hopeful, however, that, after the experience with the other two books, this one will proceed much more smoothly.

Posted 19th April 2019
© 2019, Brian A Curtis