Exile and Restoration
The beginning of July has marked the beginning of work on Part 4 of the series A Twenty-First-Century Bible. Having said that, 45% of the book has already been translated—a consequence of work that was done on the Psalms for Book 2, and work that was done on the prophets for Book 3. This, of course, has made the task of completing the book far less daunting, so I hope to complete the translation of what will be the final instalment of the Old Testament by the end of November 2018.

A-Z Laws of Moses
In the meantime, the first draft of the A-Z has been completed and the book is now in review stage. My hope is, that in the next six months I can take it through a series of reviews, with a view to submitting it for publication at the beginning of 2019.

Posted: 6th July 2018
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