Exile and Restoration
Despite my plans to put Exile and Restoration aside while completing the A-Z of the Laws of Moses, I found an opportunity to review the manuscript. As a consequence, the volume (now minus my notes) is beginning to look more like the finished product. It will, of course, need to be reviewed several more times before being sent for copy editing.

Exile and Restoration will be shorter than the previous three volumes and will bring to completion the Old Testament part in the series A Twenty-First-Century Bible.

A-Z of the Laws of Moses, etc.
The A-Z has now been submitted for publication and copy edited. It is now up to me to review the book and finalise the cross-referencing, before submitting it for the production process—a task I will begin in the new year. Having said that, the publishing process for this book has not been easy, and continuing problems may delay the publication of this book.

Indeed, there has been a clash in regards to its content—but then, the Bible is not the most politically correct book. Furthermore, dealings with the company through whom it was to be published, have not been as straight forward as I would have wished. As a consequence, I may need to switch publishing company.

In the meantime the working title of An A to Z of the Laws of Moses and the Proverbs of Solomon has been relegated to the sub-title, and the book given the shorter title Keys to a Godly Life.

Posted: 19th December 2018
© 2018, Brian A Curtis