Exile and Restoration
The first draft of Part 4 of the series A Twenty-First-Century Bible is now complete, and is ready to undergo its series of reviews. However, as this has been achieved a month or so ahead of schedule, the book has been put aside, whilst the A-Z of the Laws of Moses, etc. is being completed.

A-Z Laws of Moses
In regard to the A-Z, the first review has been completed, and two indices are currently being added to the back of the book. It is intended that the format of the book will be: 1. All the laws, by topic, with cross-referencing to similar or linked topics; 2. A comprehensive word index; and 3. An index of bible passages. Once the indices at the back are completed, the book will be reviewed again, before being submitting for publication, hopefully, at the end of the year.

Posted: 6th October 2018
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