I have submitted, today, a book of children’s stories for publication. It consists of forty-eight children’s stories designed for use at Christian worship and on other occasions.

The stories in the book have come out of situations where the presence of children in church could not be guaranteed, but where there was a need to have something prepared in case any walked through the door. They are stories which in multi-centred parishes needed to be portable, and could be produced at a moment’s notice.

The stories can be easily added into a service, do not require children—who may not be used to being in church—from coming forward for a children’s talk, and are suitable for churches where the use of modern technology is not an option.

Early unedited versions of a few of the stories can be found in some of the earlier blogs on my website.

My hope is that the book will be available in paperback, hardback and eBook format later this year.

Posted: 20th February 2016
© 2016, Brian A Curtis