I am pleased to announce that the book “A Day in the Life of a Pair of Trousers and Other Stories” has now been published. Subtitled “48 Stories for Use in Christian Worship and on Other Occasions” it is a collection of children’s stories suitable for use in church.

The stories use simple, colourful and enchanting language to tell memorable tales that bring key biblical themes and texts to life. They can be read aloud, straight from the page, to children of all ages. Indeed adults may well be found listening and engaged in the stories.

The collection equips worship leaders to offer uplifting biblical messages to children, especially to those who may be unfamiliar with Christian worship. Indeed they are designed to work well with children, particularly with those who wish to remain seated with their families.

The book (currently in Hardback and Paperback form) is available worldwide through WestBow Press, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc., or through your local bookshop. For Australian residents it is also available online or by mail order through my website. An eBook version of the book is in production, but not yet available.

Posted: 21st July 2016
© 2016, Brian A Curtis