After a few years break, it was time to immerse myself again in further education. Having become a Christian, and feeling led by God to the ordained ministry, it was time to enrol at a college for some sort of theological degree.

To start with, it involved moving home to a different state. Then, once moved, I enrolled in part-time studies—working full time during the day, and testing my calling—and my ability to learn—at night.

Now bearing in mind my lack of history at High School, and the difficulties I had faced with other attempts at learning, even I was surprised how easily I embraced my theological studies. But I was no longer fresh out of school; I was a mature student. I also had a good grasp of the job that I was doing. So, I was able to concentrate on my studies—two nights a week, with a lot of reading in-between.

Of course, looking back, it is ironic that the subject that I completed that year, was Old Testament 1—General on Tuesday nights, and Set Book (1 & 2 Samuel) on Thursday nights. Nevertheless, that year perhaps signalled the start of my ongoing love for the Old Testament.

To say that that year was a bit of a roller-coaster ride, would be a great understatement. The year dragged as far as work was concerned. But it went speeding past in terms of my theological studies. As a consequence, even before the end of the year had come, there was no doubt in my mind where I wanted to be—in full time theological study. Indeed, in one way I didn’t care if I was accepted as an ordination candidate or not. What I wanted to do, was to focus on learning about God and the Bible.

Furthermore, it was at this point, that I finally found true purpose in life. Because, not only was the study stretching me, in ways that no other school or course had done before. But, with God as the focus, it was actually expanding my horizons.

So, when the end of the year came, and I had successfully made my way through the exams, I knew that here was the opportunity I had been waiting for. And, from an educational point of view, I was able to at last put all my past disappointments behind me.

Posted: 19th August 2017
© 2017, Brian A Curtis