I have been told many times that I must have lead an interesting life. And that has always been followed by the question, ‘Have you considered writing your autobiography?’ Each time, however, my response has been to flippantly say, ‘I would have to wait until a few people died first.’

Now whether I have responded that way in jest, or whether it is out of concern of hurting others (with all the legal repercussions that go with it), I’ll leave that up to the reader to decide. However the reality is that as at the time of writing some of the people that I had in the back of mind when I made that statement have already died, and yet there are others who are still very much alive. Indeed there are some about whom I could make that statement, who were not part of my life when I first made such statements.

It has become clear to me, therefore, that if I were to wait until everyone had died who needed to, my story would never be written. As a consequence, I have been left with a choice of whether to write my story knowing that some are still alive, or forgetting the whole endeavour. And as someone who doesn’t like to give in to pressure, I have clearly decided in favour of the former – even if it doesn’t quite comply with what one might expect from other, perhaps more normal, books of this nature.

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