Questions that a Christian could ask
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ABUSE: Abuse in Sport
Racial abuse in sport receives a lot of press. But how do you distinguish between a deliberate racial slur and an ill-conceived (and thoughtless) attempt to put someone off their game? After all, aren’t questions about the legitimacy of someone’s birth also raised at such games?

Posted: 18th July 2020

BEHAVIOUR: Turning a Blind Eye

Many people keep silent or cover up inappropriate behaviour. But can we really expect someone to modify their behaviour, unless they are told that what they are doing is wrong? Posted: 28th January 2018

BEHAVIOUR: Personal Space

Why are some people totally ignorant of the need for personal space? Ignoring the need for personal space is insensitive, makes others uncomfortable and leaves the person themselves open to misunderstanding. Posted: 7th February 2018

BEHAVIOUR: Acceptable Behaviour

How can anyone get close, friendly or even intimate with someone, today, without the risk of being accused of inappropriate behaviour? Everyone is different; we all have different standards. So, with all the talk about what is not acceptable, it’s hard to know what is. Posted: 16th March 2018

BEING DISTINCT: How Well Do Christians Blend In?

How well do Christians blend in to society? Can you tell who is a Christian and who isn’t? Because you should. Jesus didn’t blend in at all. Indeed, he challenged many things that people loved and held dear, for the priority of a relationship with their creator.

Posted: 12th August 2018

BIRTHDAYS: Birth Day or Conception day?

If Christians believe that life begins at conception—not birth—shouldn’t Christians celebrate their conception day not their birth day? It would certainly make a point to those who advocate abortion on demand. Posted: 3rd February 2018

BULLYING: Bullying

There is a lot of press these days about bullying. But how can the anti-bullying message get across, when our politicians behave as they do to one another, and when bullying is seen as a great virtue in sport? Posted: 15th March 2018.

CAPITAL PUNISHMENT: Capital Punishment

If God advocated the death penalty for certain crimes (blasphemy, murder, etc.), why are so many people opposed to capital punishment? Posted: 16th March 2018


There is a movement, these days, against the use of the death penalty. And yet God, on Mount Sinai, proclaimed its use for those who undermine his authority and for those who attack the stability of the community. Does that suggest that we are missing something in our thinking?

Posted: 9th March 2019

CHANGE: Being Reasonable

Being reasonable seems to be the order of the day. But how many things have changed for the worse because of people being “reasonable”? All “reasonable” does is to change things slowly, bit by bit. But the result is invariably the same—a move away from God’s values. Posted: 5th May 2018

CHRISTMAS: The Poor and Christmas

If Christmas is about the birth of Jesus, then why do our Christian welfare agencies include special food and presents in their Christmas hampers? Wouldn’t it be better if people were taught that it is OK to abstain from the things that are unnecessary which they cannot afford?

Posted: 24th August 2018

CHRISTMAS: Santa and Christmas

If Christmas is all about the birth of Jesus, then how come Santa (not Jesus) is the focal point of our Christmas parades? Is it our society so confused about Christmas that it no longer knows what “Christ Mass” means? Posted: 21st March 2018

CHRISTMAS: Presents at Christmas

If Christmas is about God giving us a present—his son—then why do so many people celebrate it by giving presents to others? Surely the focus should be on how we receive God’s present, not on whether we need to buy and give presents to others.

Posted: 1st November 2019

THE CHURCH: The Church and Government Funding

If government contracts have conditions that would restrict the practices of the church (in terms of the delivery of welfare, nursing homes, schools, etc.), then why do agencies of the Christian Church pursue and fulfil such contracts? Posted: 11th February 2018

THE CHURCH: Reforming the Church
Over the years the church has adopted cultural beliefs and practices, many of which have involved the distortion (and in some cases abandonment) of its core mission to proclaim the gospel. So where are the faithful who will lead in the necessary reform of the church?

Posted: 1st November 2019

THE CHURCH: The Faithful Church?

If God is the husband of his chosen people (Old Testament), and Jesus is the bridegroom of the bride (New Testament), how faithful is today’s church to her husband? Posted: 20th February 2018

THE CHURCH: Regular Services

The purpose of having regular services is to encourage the meeting habits of the congregation. It also serves to help interested non-members know when services are being held. Why then do so many churches change their service times, etc., when that pattern becomes inconvenient?

Posted: 26th December 2019

CHURCH BUILDINGS: The Use of Consecrated Buildings

I recently became aware of a church that does not open its doors to tourists. Why? Because it is considered to be a place of worship, not a museum. And that made me wonder, “What would the Old Testament prophets had said if the Temple had been open for tours, concerts, etc?”

Posted: 11th May 2018

CHURCH BUILDINGS: Church Buildings for Sale
When an historical church building is up for sale, there is often a community wishing to buy it. But what do they think they are they going to do with it? It seems that, for many, maintaining the building is far more important than pursuing reconciliation with God.

Posted: 26th December 2019

THE COMMUNITY: Non-Christians in Christian Organisations

If the church does not employ non-believers to pastor their congregations, why does it employ them to work in their various organisations (welfare, schools, homes, hospitals, etc.)? Shouldn’t everyone working in the church—representing Christ—be a believer? Posted: 26th February 2018

THE COMMUNITY: The Individual or the Community?

What is more important, the rights of the individual or the health of the community? These days, it seems to be the individual, but in biblical times the community was far more important. Posted: 20th February 2018


If Group A can claim compensation from Group B for misdeeds 30 years ago, and Group C can claim compensation from Group D for offences 200 years ago, shouldn’t Group E be claiming compensation from Group F for events 1000 years ago? Where do you draw the line? Posted: 4th March 2018

COMPENSATION: How Much are we Prepared to Pay?

When we make a mistake—or the church we belong to makes a mistake—we can be sorry, but are we prepared to pay for what we have done? And if we are, how much are we prepared to pay? Nothing? A small amount? Or, the appropriate amount to compensate for what we have done?

Posted: 4th June 2018

CONSERVATION: Conservation

When God told us to care for his world, did he tell us to keep it exactly the same, or are we supposed to allow things to change, develop and even die off? Many conservationists seem to have a problem with the latter, but isn’t that part of the very nature of God’s creation? Posted: 25th March 2018

CRISIS: Four Questions concerning a Major Crisis

During any crisis there are always people who speak out, wanting things to get back to “normal.” But isn’t what was “normal” often a contributor to the crisis in the first place?

A crisis can provide an opportunity to rethink current belief and practices, and to make the appropriate corrections. So why is it that, in the hope of things returning to normal, people are so unwilling to grasp the opportunity available?

If reform is needed, and there is temporary pause in “normal” activities because of a major crisis, isn’t it better to say sorry now, than to allow those wrongful practices to restart once the crisis is over?

In the event of a crisis, a lot of time and effort is wasted dealing with issues that are not part of an organisation’s remit. But isn’t that the situation that the church often faces, because it has lost sight of the reason that it exists?

Posted: 16th April 2020

DECISION MAKING: Decision Making in the Church

I find the habit of making decisions in church to be very odd. After all, when in the Bible did the church elect leaders or make decisions by popular vote? Surely the emphasis should be on seeking the mind of God. In which case, there should be no need for a vote at all.

Posted: 12th August 2018

DISCIPLESHIP: Call to Discipleship?

Many churches today are calling their people back to a life of discipleship. And rightly so. But discipleship to what? Because despite their call, many of our leaders, today, are still wanting to hang on to all the old traditions and practices. Posted: 22nd April 2018

DONATIONS: Donations

When King David was presented with a site on which he could build an altar, he turned the offer down. Why? Because he didn’t think that something that cost him nothing was a fitting response to God. What does that suggest about the church’s attitude to fundraising today? Posted: 25th March 2018

DRUGS: Smoking

If tobacco is so harmful, why is it still legal? Some people may want to uphold the right of the individual to choose, but isn’t it the community who is responsible to care for the people, and isn’t it the community who also pays the ultimate cost? Posted: 18th February 2018

DRUGS: Illicit Drugs

There are at least two ways of dealing with the problem of illicit drugs: stopping the supply or taking away the need. So, if stopping one supplier simply creates a vacuum for another, wouldn’t it be better to tackle the reason that people take them in the first place? Posted: 27th February 2018

EQUALITY: Equality?

Are people fooling themselves in pursuing the idea of equality? After all, I thought we were all different—we’re certainly made that way. So how can we be truly equal? Shouldn’t our focus be on how we complement each other, rather than just making everyone the same? Posted: 3rd February 2018

FAMILY: Family Life

Family life, as created by God, has been so splintered, that we no longer have a firm base of support. So in order to combat that, we need to restore the family unit. But how do we do that? How do we combat the ‘me’ society that lost the ability to care?

Posted: 1st November 2019

GAMBLING: Poker Machines

What is more important, responding to the damage that poker machines cause (for problem gamblers and their friends, families, work mates, communities, etc.) or maintaining the jobs that the machines create? Is it really that black and white? Posted: 16th February 2018

GAMBLING: Poker Machines (2)

Removing poker machines from pubs may be the right thing to do, but who is going to care for those who lose their jobs? In addition, how can you vote for political parties who advocate their removal, but who also promote such low values of human life? (euthanasia, abortion, etc.) Posted: 18th February 2018

GAMBLING: Gambling Advertising

The God of the Old Testament is seen by many as an angry and vengeful god. As a consequence, some people want nothing to do with him. But can’t those same stories be taken to describe a loving father who is willing to go any lengths to protect his children too? Posted: 12th April 2018

GOD: An Unapproachable God?

Many people today treat God as being unapproachable—in terms of someone you can’t argue with or even question. And yet, the Bible is full of examples of godly people doing exactly that. So why are people today so reluctant in engaging with their creator in these ways?

Posted: 2nd August 2018

HOLIDAYS: Public Holidays

As so few people use public holidays for their intended purpose, wouldn’t it be better if they were scrapped? Ignoring the purpose of the Good Friday, Easter and Christmas holidays, dishonours God. Extra days could always be added to annual leave entitlements for workers. Posted: 25th February 2018

HYMNS: Church Music

Church music has always been the subject of much controversy. Sometimes it’s been the style of music, other times it’s been the words. But has anything really changed? Indeed, how many modern songs don’t fit people’s view of church music, are unsingable or just don’t make sense? 

Posted: 12th July 2018


HYMNS: Participation or Concert?

There are a lot of hymns, songs, etc. available to be sung in churches today. But sung by whom? When musicians pick music for a service, do they pick it for the congregation to sing or so that they can be entertained?

Posted: 12th July 2018

JUDGING THE PAST: Judging the Past (2)

If today’s judgements will be found inappropriate tomorrow, the only way to judge the past is to apply a set of rules that do not change. Now obviously that excludes all man-made rules. But it does illustrate the value of using God’s rules—as a constant—in everyday life. Posted: 12th February 2018

JUDGING THE PAST: Judging the Past

Should the events of the past be judged by the standards of the present? Attitudes in society constantly change and, in the future, even today’s standards are likely to be seen as inappropriate and archaic. Posted: 23rd January 2018

JUSTICE: Justice

In the western court system, is the focus on finding out the truth, or on who can win the case—prosecution or defence? If it is the latter, what happened to the idea of justice? Posted: 19th March 2018

THE LAW: Does Legal + Ethical = Acceptable?

If something is made legal, does that make it right? Surely not. Neither should it necessarily make it acceptable to those who take an opposing view. Posted: 5th March 2018

LIFE: The Best Day of Your Life

When was the best day of your life? Today, a few days ago, or a long time past? If it was some time ago, you have a problem, because life is supposed to get better. For even though bad days/times happen, generally each day should be better than the last. Posted: 4th April 2018

LIFE: By Whose Authority?

The modern tendency to constantly change laws and weaken the moral structure of society has often puzzled me. After all, on whose authority are those changes made? And, if God has provided us with a basic structure for a healthy community, why would we to change his laws?

Posted: 18th May 2018

MARRIAGE: A Register of Significant Relationships

If marriage is a universal gift from God—unencumbered by the need to have any sort of ceremony—then why do governments insist on regulating the practice? Wouldn’t a “Register of Significant Relationships” be a way of solving all the legal rights and protections? Posted: 31st January 2018

MEANING IN LIFE: Searching for Meaning in Life

One of the great pursuits of life is the search for meaning. People want life to have a purpose. Why, then, do so many people dismiss the idea of a loving creator God, for more short-term thrills which do not resolve the dilemma, and often make their situations much much worse? Posted: 4th April 2018

MONEY: Does Money Fix Everything?

The number of people claiming compensation for past wrongs seems to be never ending. So too are the number of businesses and sporting bodies that are putting out their hands for government support. People act as though money fixes everything. But is money really the solution? Posted: 25th February 2018

THE OLD TESTAMENT: The Old Testament

If the Old Testament constitutes about 75% of the Bible, then why are so many Christians ignorant of its contents? After all, the New Testament—including the death and resurrection of Christ—stands or falls on the laws, beliefs, and practices of the Old Testament. Posted: 8th March 2018

OTHER GODS: What Am I Looking At?

I was in a museum the other day, and I couldn’t help wondering, “What am I looking at?” Because looking at artefacts of lost civilisations is all very good, but how do I know that what I am looking at hasn’t got something to do with the worship of other gods. Posted: 5th May 2018

PASTORAL CARE: Caring for One Another

The issue of child abuse continues to be part of our everyday news. But does the church really believe that saying sorry, paying reparations to the victims, and bringing in preventative measures, alone, will change the church into an institution that really cares?

Posted: 9th March 2019

POLITICS: Adversarial Style of Politics

Isn’t it time our politicians abandoned their adversarial style of politics and began to work together? Yes, this may happen to some degree in times of hung parliaments, but there are always long-term and social issues that need the co-operation of all players. Posted: 1st March 2018

POLITICS: Christians and Politics

Is it possible to be both a faithful Christian and a politician in a secular country? Christianity is an exclusive religion, and in order to represent people of other faiths politicians need to place themselves in situations which could compromise Christian beliefs. Posted: 1st March 2018

POLITICS: Compulsory Voting

How does a Christian vote in an election, where voting is compulsory, and where none of the candidates promote anything resembling biblical values? Posted: 7th February 2018

THE POOR: Lending to the Poor
If poor people need to borrow money, there are plenty of people who want to loan them money at high rates of interest. But isn’t that tantamount to preying on the poor? It certainly doesn’t make their situation any better. Indeed, it usually makes it worse.

Posted: 29th January 2020

THE POOR: Higher Costs for the Poor
Some organisations, today, have identified correctly that the poor struggle to pay their bills. As a consequence they allow them to pay them in instalments. All well and good. But isn’t it a bit counterproductive when they also charge higher or extra fees for the privilege?

Posted: 29th January 2020

PRAYER: The Lord's Prayer

When Jesus taught his disciples the Lord’s Prayer, did he mean the disciples to say it by rote? I doubt it. Indeed, each time I hear it, I’m reminded of its constituent parts. It’s the elements that make up the prayer that are important, not the repetition by which it is said.

Posted: 14th July 2018

PRAYER: Prayers for Rain
I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve been asked to pray for rain during a drought, by people outside the church. People assume that I have God’s ear. But shouldn’t those people pray too? And, more importantly, shouldn’t they first need to repent and turn back to God?

Posted: 29th January 2020

PREJUDICE: Whose Lives Matter?
There has been a lot of publicity about the value placed on human life. But is it only blacks who suffer at the hands of whites? Indeed, as a white man who has been a recipient of black prejudice, I ask, “Are things really that clear cut?” Don’t all lives matter?

Posted: 18th July 2020

PREJUDICE: Eliminating all Prejudice
Does anyone really believe that we can become so educated that all prejudice on the planet can be eliminated? Education, compassion, and understanding have value, but are we really that naïve to think that we can totally eliminate the darker side of our human nature?

Posted: 18th July 2020

THE PRESS: Sensationalising Headlines

Why does the press persist in sensationalising the news? Increased sales or getting more viewers may well be the motivating factor, but is the practice really in the public interest? And wouldn’t a more honest approach be better in protecting the innocent? Posted: 10th February 2018

POLLUTION: Pollution

How much money could be saved if people didn’t litter, and businesses didn’t pollute? And more importantly, what could we do with all the money that could be saved, which is currently being spent on cleaning up the mess? Posted: 19th March 2018

RESPONSIBILITY: Taking Responsibility

We all make mistakes and the church has made some whoppers. But how willing are we to take responsibility for events that have occurred—even where we may not have been personally involved? Belonging to a community of faith has its benefits, but it also has its responsibilities.

Posted: 18th May 2018

When something goes wrong, people often seem to look for someone to blame. It’s seems to be always someone else’s fault. So do promises of compensation by solicitors, looking for ways to promote their own practices, help those situations, or only make them worse?

Posted: 26th December 2019

RETIREMENT: Retirement

It is often said that there is no such thing as retirement in the church. But, if so, why does the church behave differently to its workers who have technically “retired” but are still willing to help? Where, in biblical terms, is the respect and care that is due to our elders?

Posted: 9th March 2019

SACRIFICE: Sacrifice—a Loss or an Opportunity?

When we pay compensation for what we—or our church has done—do we see it as a great loss or do we look at the matter as a great opportunity? After all, it can be good to get rid of the clutter of the past. And when we do that, it’s amazing how often new opportunities come.

Posted: 4th June 2018

SALVATION: The Saviour of the World

If Jesus is the saviour of the world, then why do so few people believe? Half of the population of Australia may affiliate themselves with the Christian faith, but why then do less than 5% attend one of his churches? Posted: 5th March 2018

SCIENCE: Theory or Fact?
These days people seem to accept scientific theory as though it were scientific fact. But doesn’t this fly in the face of scientific method itself, which assumes that any theory is only a working theory, which is waiting to be proved or otherwise?

Posted: 26th April 2020

SOCIETY: Where Can Christians Live?

With society’s attitudes and laws getting further and further away from Christian beliefs and values, where can a Christian go that is uncontaminated from modern values? Even so-called “Christian” countries are becoming totally unrecognisable. Posted: 22nd April 2018

SORRY: What Happened to Sorry?

Poor service these days seems to be the order of the day. And when people make mistakes, it is invariably put down as a “misunderstanding”—yours, not theirs. So what happened to people saying “Sorry”? And will God be also told it is all a “misunderstanding” on Judgement Day? Posted: 17th April 2018

TATTOOS: Tattoos

What is the modern fascination with tattoos? Is it that people don’t like their bodies, or is it just one of those fads? In any event, does God’s prohibition of the pagan mourning ritual of tattooing one’s body, have implications for this modern trend? (Leviticus 19:28) Posted: 12th April 2018


Is Reality T.V. truly about conducting social experiments and allowing people to compete for prizes? Or is its whole purpose to show how badly people can behave to one another? Of course, the real indictment is that they are some of the most watched programmes on television. Posted: 8th March 2018

TRADITION: Tradition or Fact?
Cases for tradition are often argued on the basis of being indisputable historical facts. But aren’t there dangers in building on traditions which may not be totally reliable?

Posted: 26th April 2020

TRADITION: Who's Tradition?
One of the problems with tradition is the question “Whose tradition?” Indeed, isn’t more usual for there to be a variety of thinking about any tradition and the way it is observed?

Posted: 26th April 2020

WEDDINGS: Wedding Ceremonies

The state may think it important to regulate marriage ceremonies, but is that a good reason for the church to be involved too? After all, a marriage ceremony is not a biblical requirement, and the biblical list of prohibited relationships is very different to the states.

Posted: 24th August 2018

WEAPONS: Carrying Weapons

In the Old Testament, God had concerns about people hating one another and premediated murder. So, anyone who killed another whilst holding a weapon was considered a murderer (Numbers 35:16-19). But doesn’t that have ramifications for those who carry knives and guns today? Posted: 30th March 2018

WORSHIP: Forms of Worship

There has been much criticism over the years of churches who use prayer books in worship services. And yet there would hardly be a church that doesn’t use some sort of formula in worship familiar to its congregation. But is familiarity helpful or a trap?

Posted: 2nd August 2018