Listen, my creation; hear, my people.
In days of old I gave my people commandments; instructions to help them on their way.
They were not laws that would save them; they were not even rules they could keep.
But they were principles to keep them healthy; goals to keep them on track.

But did they keep them? No, they didn’t.
Did they try? No, they found better things to do.
Indeed, they turned away from me; they found other gods to follow.
They abandoned me, the one God who created and cared for them.

So I sent my son to save them, and to save you.
He was born, and lived; he faced life with all its hardships and pain.
He felt the same pressures, the same happiness and sadness.
Then he paid the penalty for their sake; he died for your sins.

But despite that, my people, what has happened?
People are saved by faith, not by law—and that is how it should be.
But the laws I gave to my people were a guide on how to live.
There were principles for healthy living, and a healthy community.

So, what is it you don’t understand, my people?
Is there something you really don’t know?
I’ve given you rules on what I expect; principles for everyday living.
So why do you ignore the things that I say?

I asked you to place me first, but you ignore me.
You don’t meet as I asked; you prefer to go your own way.
You find other things to do; other distractions to follow.
You see worship as optional; not necessary at all.

I gave you guidance on building a community, but you ignore it.
I gave your rules about relationships, but again you go your own way.
Your world is disintegrating around you; you have lost any sense of community.
Your laws have replaced mine, and they are no help to you at all.

And so, my people; so, my church,
where are you? I don’t recognise you at all.
Is it any wonder that your churches are closing, and your world is falling part.
What more can I say? When you abandon me look what happens.

But as for me, I am still here; I am still ready to listen.
So turn to me, and let me take my part.
I will wrap you in my wings; I will take you where you need to go.
So turn to me, my people; have faith in me, my creation.

Posted: 24th October 2016
© 2016, Brian A Curtis