Hi, my name is Brian A Curtis, and I am:

  • an Australian resident
  • an ordained Christian minister;
  •  the translator and editor of “A Twenty-First-Century Bible”;
  •  the writer of a book of children’s stories;
  •  a keen critic of the current practices of the church; and
  •  an advocate for a 21st century reformation in the church.

Welcome to my website.



Contact: admin@brianacurtis.com.au

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QUESTION: Abuse in Sport

Racial abuse in sport receives a lot of press. But how do you distinguish between a deliberate racial slur and an ill-conceived (and thoughtless) attempt to put someone off their game? After all, aren’t questions about the legitimacy of someone’s birth also raised at...

SERMON: Breaking the Christmas Cycle

Luke 1:26-38A. ADVERTISING CHRISTMAS1. Modern ChristmasWhenever there is a special event, these days, we seem to get plenty of warning. Whether it’s Mothers’ Day, an annual festival, or even a new TV programme, it seems that for at least two months before hand we’re...

SERMON: Reality T.V.

Genesis 1:27-28; 1 Corinthians 6:19; Psalm 139:1-4A. INTRODUCTIONOne of the great fads of television these days is “Reality T.V.” And it comes from a long line of development, including soap operas—which pretend to portray everyday life—to viewing bits of home...