Hi, my name is Brian A Curtis, and I am:

  • an Australian resident
  • an ordained Christian minister;
  •  the translator and editor of “A Twenty-First-Century Bible”;
  •  the writer of a book of children’s stories;
  •  a keen critic of the current practices of the church; and
  •  an advocate for a 21st century reformation in the church.

Welcome to my website.

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OPINION: The Sacred and the Profane

One of the great values of studying the Old Testament is that it puts the New Testament, and the establishment and purpose of the Church into perspective. And, as it constitutes about 80% of the Bible, it is not something that should be easily dismissed or ignored....

KID’S TALK: Alvin, the Lazy Tortoise

Hebrews 6:12 Alvin the tortoise was lazy. He loved to sleep the day away. Yes, every now and again someone would knock on his door and he would stir. But as soon as they were gone, he’d be back to doing what he loved best—sleeping. Of course, sometimes when people...

OPINION: A 21st Century Reformation

There is much about the church today that is different to the church of the Bible. Indeed, over the years, our theological understanding has developed and grown, and new practices have been adopted. So much so, that I’ve often wondered whether a truly biblical church...