I often think that I open myself to the accusation “That you protest too much.” After all, many of my blogs are worded in terms of the negative—about bad practices, the need to undo the mistakes of the past—particularly regarding the adopted practices of the church—and commenting on the many traps in life. And yet, from a biblical point of view, didn’t Jesus (and Paul) often talk in terms of the negative—that the spiritual life would be a battle, and that there would be many pitfalls to avoid?

Now, I don’t wish to equate myself with any of greats of the Bible. Not for one minute. But if we are sinners, as the Bible states, then isn’t that a negative in itself. And that means that we aren’t and can’t always be positive. However, we do need to try to move forward. And we can only do that if we acknowledge the negative, with a view to pursue the positive.

And, if that is true of us as individuals, it is also true of the church too. Because if we are sinners, that means that our churches are full of sinners too. As a consequence, we need to identify where both we and our churches have gone wrong, in order to pursue what is right.

So, is there a place for the negative? Can we protest too much? Well, the answer is probably “Yes” to both. But it’s what we do with the negative that’s important. Because, if we just wallow in it, then we achieve very little. But if we use the negative to pursue the positive, then surely that is a very useful exercise indeed.

Posted: 14th July 2018
© 2018, Brian A Curtis