Some people might consider me a little bit odd. And they might be right. I tend think differently to many people. Indeed, I often have ideas and concepts floating around my head, which others might consider a little strange. And one of the things that’s been going around my head in recent times is the idea of people being walking advertisements.

After all, how many people these days walk around with clothing which has brand names or business logos on the outside, for everyone to see? How many people wear sportswear—even one’s team’s colours—with all the advertising and logos that are on them? And what-is-more, how many people wear them, even in the most inappropriate of situations?

Is it any wonder, then, that I have this image of people being walking advertisements?

But being walking advertisements is only part of the modern phenomenon. Our houses are living advertisements too. Indeed, everything electrical (TV’s, fridges, washing machines, computers, etc.,) proudly displays its name in our homes. But then so do the cars that we drive too.

And, on top of all of that, there are people who are so fanatical about a particular brand or logo (in terms of, cars, computers, mobile phones, etc.), that they wouldn’t consider supporting any other brand.

Now I might be a little bit odd. But it seems strange to me that people would want to walk around advertising products and businesses to the world. Because by doing so, they effectively display the things that they love on their sleeves.

And that’s sad really, because in the great scheme of things, it’s not companies or logos that we are supposed to display. They are simply man-made objects which are supposed to make life easier. No, it’s not businesses we are supposed to display or be proud of, it’s God we are supposed to advertise to the world. And yet our society doesn’t seem to work that way at all.

Indeed, by displaying the companies and logos on our person and in our homes, we effectively make them into our gods. They become the things which are important to us. And yet they are not gods, and they are not supposed to be important to us at all.

God is our God. He is the one who created us all. So if there was anyone that we should promote then it’s him. And yet, I wonder how many of us today would be prepared to replace the companies and logos on our hearts for wearing God on our sleeves?

Posted: 1st February 2018
© 2018, Brian A Curtis