I had good reason, recently, to search for all the Christian churches within my local area. What I found, however, was that some were good at advertising their existence, and others were not. Indeed, I found one church that didn’t advertise their existence at all, not even on the premises they used for worship. And even amongst those who chose to advertise their existence through a website, the content varied considerably—some far more helpful that others.

As a consequence, it occurred to me that it would be helpful for there to be a website detailing all the churches in my area, with perhaps a check list attached to each, to give those who are seeking a church, some idea of their spiritual health.

Those check lists, then, could serve two functions. Firstly, so that anyone looking for a church could have some idea of the beliefs and practices of that particular congregation. And, secondly, as a means by which the churches themselves could measure their strengths and weaknesses, with a view to making any adjustments that they deemed to be necessary.

In the days of mass communication, the churches in my local area did not do well. Yes, there were some bright lights, but generally they did not advertise where they were, what they did, when they met, and what they believed in very well at all. And that’s sad, because surely one of the main purposes of the church is to be open and transparent and to tell other people about God.

Posted: 22nd October 2018
© 2018, Brian A Curtis