One of the features of current world politics, is the issue of lack of trust. The Americans, don’t trust the North Koreans, and the North Koreans certainly don’t trust the Americans. But then, why should they? After all, the Americans are very vocal in their concerns about the nuclear ambitions of North Korea, particularly in regard to them acquiring nuclear weapons. However, the Americans have shown no indication of any preparedness to dispose of their own.

Now does that sound fair, or even a reasonable basis to start talks? Or does that sound like the Americans wanting to maintain an advantage over the North Koreans?

Of course, it’s not just the Americans who don’t trust the North Koreans. There are many other countries who have expressed similar concerns. On the other hand, it’s not just the North Koreans who don’t trust the Americans. Because many other countries have a deep lack of trust in the Americans too.

And with attitudes like that, shouldn’t be surprised that this world is littered with a history of tensions, wars and conflicts, many of which began from a lack of trust. It’s what humans are good at. And that same lack of trust is just as evident within nations, and even within our family units.

People don’t always do the right thing. People don’t always care for one another. And our modern preference for putting ourselves first—my needs, my wants—before the needs of others, certainly doesn’t help. But, then, even if we able to find someone in whom we can trust, at some stage we would invariably be disappointed. To have peace in the world there has be trust. But how can that ever truly be, with the emphasis on putting ourselves first?

So, trust is something that we all need to exude. But it is something that we cannot do. We all make mistakes. We all let people down. So, if we can’t do it, who can?

Well, I believe there is a solution. Because Christians believe that there is one man in whom we can trust, who will be faithful to us, and will never let us down. And that is Jesus.

Now Jesus knew how important trust was. Which is why he said to his disciples, “Trust in God; trust also in me” (John 14:1b). He then backed it up by dying on the cross, so that his faithful followers could enjoy eternal life.

The problem for us, though, is that not everyone is willing to trust God. Indeed, the majority have rejected God—or at least the God as he has revealed himself. They have also rejected Jesus.
So, the one possible solution to that lack of trust, has been rejected on the belief that we can do everything ourselves. The problem is, we can’t do it ourselves, and that’s why we need God.

So, the solution to the various issues that occur in our families, in our communities, within our countries, and outside our borders … Well, there isn’t another one. And so, we will simply go on not trusting, being divided and involving ourselves in conflict. Yes, it may be North Korea this time, but inevitably it will be some other country in a few years’ time.

In the meantime, does America have any reason to trust North Korea? No! But North Korea has no reason to trust in America either.

Posted: 8th July 2017
© 2017, Brian A Curtis