Suicide prevention is a hot topic in the news today. And whilst it is terribly sad that some get so low they feel that they have to take the ultimate escape, ending one’s life permanently is not the only way people try to escape life. Indeed, escaping life is far more common than many people might like to admit.

Some people try to escape by overeating. Others drink excessive quantities of alcohol, or smoke. Some look for their highs in more risky ways—through living as a thrill seeker, or experimenting with illicit drugs. And others try to escape life by re-interpreting the world around them, to make it into something more palatable.

Now, if you add up all these different elements, you end up with a lot of people trying to escape life, in one way or another.

But what exactly is it that people are trying to escape from? And why can’t people be content with the world as it is?

Unfortunately, there is no simple answer to either of these questions—people’s reasons for escape are varied and complex. But if there is a God who created us to have a relationship with him, and if there is a God who created the world for us live in, then it’s probably not just the world that people are trying to escape from, but God himself.

And that raises the question, “What is it about God that people find unacceptable?” And, “What is it about his world that people feel that they need to escape?”

Now complicating the issue further, is that mankind has a history of turning away from God or remaking him in their own image. In addition, the world that God created has been corrupted by mankind, to become the world that we know today. So, if people are trying to escape from God and his creation, is it really God and his creation that people are running from? Or is it the distorted image of God and the world that we have corrupted that have become the real problems?

And I say that, because I find a relationship with God, as he has revealed himself, and an understanding of his world, as he created it, to be the very things that I live for. Indeed, they give me real meaning and purpose in life, and a reason to strive deeper in my relationship with God. Yes, there are times when I feel down, and, yes, there are times when things might seem too much. But, as a general rule, I don’t need that external stimuli; I don’t need to escape from life. Indeed, the excitement and thrills that other people seek, I find in my very satisfying relationship with my creator.

The difference is, of course, that I don’t want to escape from God’s world at all. And my “buzz” doesn’t harm me either. I want to embrace my maker and his creation, and I want to engage in the thrill of living my life with God, as he intended it to be.

Now does that mean that I have something that others don’t? Well, probably “yes.” But is it something that others want? That is the vexed question. Because many people today don’t seem to want to live their life with God, as he has revealed himself, at all.

Is it any wonder, then, that people seek to escape the world, as God created it, with all the problems that that entails. And is it any wonder, that any solution (counselling or otherwise) provided for those who are down, which ignores God and his creation, is no real solution to their problem at all.

Posted: 9th December 2017
© 2017, Brian A Curtis