Colossians 1:13

Mr Fix-It thought he was terribly cleaver. He thought he could fix anything, even when it was one of his own mistakes.

For example, he was a keen gardener. But one day he planted a weed by mistake. In time, the weed got out of control, and it spread and spread and spread. Now he knew he’d made a mistake, but he also thought he could fix it too. So, he sprayed the plant, only to find that he’d not only killed the plant, but all the insects, and everything around it as well. Which left him with an even bigger problem to fix.

He loved doing D.I.Y. He thought he was very good at it. But not everything came out quite as he had hoped. For instance, he made a collapsible table—a table he could fold away whenever he didn’t need it. But the problem was that it did collapse. Indeed, it wouldn’t stay upright at all. But then he knew that he could fix it. He knew he had the ability to get it right. So, he did—or at least he thought he did, only to find out that his collapsible table wouldn’t collapse when he wanted it at all. And because it doesn’t collapse, it is now taking-up far too much space in his lounge room.

He loved cooking tea. And one day, as he was cooking it, he thought he’d have a taste. But, ugh, it was awful. However, despite that, he knew he could fix it. So, he added a few more ingredients, dished it up and sat down to eat. Only then did he discover how truly awful it was. It was worse than before. And he thought, “What a good job it is that I haven’t invited anyone else to share this meal.”

Now it is no exaggeration to say that there was always a problem with whatever Mr Fix-It touched. Whatever he did never came out right. But despite that, he remained convinced that he could get it right, that he could fix up whatever problem he had created.

But then something happened. Disaster struck in the Mr Fix-It house. Instead of driving his car into the garage he missed the door and hit the wall. And he hit it so hard that the wall was damaged, and he was trapped in the car. What a disaster! And for the first time ever, Mr Fix-It had to admit that there was something he couldn’t fix on his own. He needed help, because without it, the problem was not going to go away.

Now that day changed Mr Fix-It. And he no longer believes that he can fix up all his mistakes. Yes, he can fix up some of them, but not all of them. Because sometimes he needs other people’s help.

But sadly, it hasn’t changed the attitude of those around him. Because most of his friends still think the way that he did. Knowing full well what happened to Mr Fix-It, they still think they can fix up all their own mistakes. And, they even believe that they can fix up everyone else’s mistakes too.


But they can’t, can they? Because we all make mistakes, and we can’t always fix up our own mistakes, let alone the mistakes of others. We need the help of each other.

And the biggest thing that we can’t fix up, is our relationship with God. But then, isn’t that what the Bible, and why Jesus came to earth, all about?

Because, regarding God, each mistake we make creates a wedge between us and God. And there is nothing we can do to hide it, or make it go away. Our mistakes are there for life. We cannot hide them from God. And if we should try to fix them up … well, all we usually do is to make the situation much much worse. In regard to matters concerning God, all we can do is to be sorry, depend on him to fix it, and then try to do better. And that’s not something we can do on our own.

So, do you make mistakes? Do you think you can fix them all yourself, or even making them go away? Well if you do, then you are like Mr Fix-It was and his friends still are. That’s why we need to depend upon others. And, most importantly, depend upon God for our help.

Posted: 25th August 2018
© 2018, Brian A Curtis