1 John 1:8

Percival Pork was a pig—and a very fat one. But then he liked to eat and eat and eat. Indeed, he was very good at it. But he was also very good at telling lies.

But then Percy always liked to appear to be important. He liked to pretend he was better than everyone else. And so he used to boast a lot. And one of the things that he boasted about was his appearance—how slim he was, which diet he was following, and well . . . you get the idea.

The trouble was that Percival Pork didn’t fool anyone. The only person who believed what he said was Percy Pork himself.

Which is why, after Percy went to a bank, and a robbery was stopped, Percy began parading up and down, claiming to have stopped the robbery. But no one believed him.

It is also why after Percy had been at the scene of an accident, he claimed that to have saved someone’s life. But no one believed him either.

Now, of course whether Percy had really stopped a robbery and whether he had really saved someone’s life is unclear. But whether he had or not Percy had convinced himself that both stories were true. But that didn’t mean say that anyone else believed him. And this became a real concern for Percy.

And it particularly came to a head one day, when Percy was in church and he told the minister out loud that he could make himself right with God. That he didn’t need any help. Because when it came to the issue of living in the afterlife with God, he was able to fix it up for himself.

Well at that, not only did people not believe in him, but many of them said so as well.

“You’re a fool, Percival,” they said. How can you make yourself so perfect that you make yourself right with God? It’s not possible. That one lie on its own tells us that it is not true. How can anyone make themself right with God?” And then they reminded Percy about why Jesus came, and why he needed to rely on him.

Well Percy was dumbfounded. He had never been confronted like that before. He also realised he had gone too far. And that as far as his relationship with God was concerned, that had been his biggest lie of all.

And that got Percy thinking, that maybe, just maybe, he needed to change his ways.


Now, of course, whether Percy has changed or not, I don’t know. But what I do know is that telling lies is never a good thing. Telling half-truths is not good either. Because no matter what impression we want to give or what we want to cover up telling lies does us no good at all.

And yet, sadly, we all tell lies. And the biggest lie that most people tell, is about their relationship with God. That they will be alright on their own, and that they don’t need any help to get to heaven.

Now, of course, that’s not true. We all need help. We all need Jesus’s help to get our relationship right with God. Without it we will not get to heaven.

And that’s important to remember. Because when it comes to lies, God sees everything. He knows what we are like. And it’s no good pretending to God, like Percy, that we are better than we are. God knows everything that we say and do.

So there’s one thing it pays not to be good at . . . and that’s lies. I just hope that Percival Pork has learnt that too.

Posted: 2nd October 2020
© 2020, Brian A Curtis