Matthew 3:13-17

From time to time, we may all get the feeling that things aren’t quite right; that things should be different to the way they are. And that is something that John the Baptist felt when Jesus presented himself for baptism. But then John’s baptism was about repenting of one’s sins, and committing one’s life to God.

So, when Jesus, God’s son, approached John and asked for baptism, is it any wonder that he asked whether Jesus had got the whole thing the wrong way around. Because according to John, it wasn’t Jesus who needed to be baptised, but John himself.

But Jesus didn’t ask for baptism because he was a sinful man. He asked for baptism so he could identify with the people, and so that God could reveal him as his son to the people.

Now that should tell us something about God, and about how he works. Indeed, the story is an object lesson of how God thinks.

For God’s needs and priorities may not always be what we might think. And God’s ways may be very different to what we might expect. So, we shouldn’t be surprised when he asks us to do things, which we might have reservations about, and that we might think need to be done another way around.

When God asks us to do things that we are not comfortable with—things that don’t seem quite right—then this is a good story to remember. Because despite John having reservations about baptising Jesus, he did it anyway. And the result was truly spectacular.

And if that was the case with John, then imagine how God could use us, if only we put aside our own expectations too. Indeed, imagine what it would be like if we simply did what we were asked. Not because it seems right to us, but because it is something that God has asked us to do.

Posted: 22nd April 2017
© 2017, Brian A Curtis