Matthew 4:18-20

Three little words—come, follow, me.

“Come!” Jesus expects his followers to be active, not static. And regarding the disciples, that meant not only physically following Jesus around the countryside—meeting and interacting with all sorts of people—but it meant growing in terms of their spiritual lives too. Yes, Jesus taught large crowds, but he also had times with his disciples, where the more intimate discussions and teaching could take place too.

Responding to Jesus, then, involves being an active, not passive, participant in the Christian faith.

“Follow!” Jesus expects his followers not to dictate terms to him—in terms of what they will or won’t do—but rather to be led by him. And again, that has both physical and spiritual characteristics.

For example, Jesus called the Apostle Paul to go on a number of journeys, most of which were not very comfortable for Paul at all. And in this story, he challenged Peter and Andrew to put aside their jobs, their family lives, and their traditions, and follow him, no matter where it took them.

And when it comes to our choice between following Jesus and following the things that we love, we face a similar challenge.

“Me!” Jesus expects us to come and follow one person only—and that is him. Of course, the temptation will always be to do what we think best, the things that we know work, and the things that we like. But then that is the trap that the Pharisees and the Sadducees fell in.

For us there is only one Saviour; there is only one Lord. And it’s his church and not ours. So even though “coming” and “following” may be painful, at all times, even now, we need to have our eyes on only one person—the person of Jesus Christ.

Now in the story, Peter and Andrew responded to the command, “Come, follow me.” The question for us today is, “Are we willing to do the same?”

Posted: 29th April 2017
© 2017, Brian A Curtis