Genesis 1:1-2:3

DAY ONE: The Basic Elements

THEME 1: The creation of the basic elements of the physical universe.

Read: Genesis 1:1-2

Question 1. If God existed before anything was created, what does this tell us about the nature of God?


THEME 2: The creation of light.

Read: Genesis 1:3-5

Question 2. How did God create light? What does this tell us about his power and authority?


DAY TWO: The Sky

THEME 3: The creation of the sky.

Read: Genesis 1:6-8

Question 3. On many of the days of creation, God is described as reflecting on what he had created, and saw that it was “good.” What is meant by “good”?


DAY THREE: The Earth and Plant Life

THEME 4: The creation of the outer crust of the earth and plant biosphere.

Read: Genesis 1:9-10

Question 4. It has been suggested that the earth was created during a “big bang.” Does this theory fit the Genesis story? Explain.


THEME 5: The creation of vegetation

Read: Genesis 1:11-13

Question 5. Many people today claim that life came into being by “accident”, and living things just “evolved.” Does the Genesis narrative agree with this belief, or does it suggest a different approach?


DAY FOUR: The Stars and Planets

THEME 6: The creation of the stars and planets.

Read: Genesis 1:14-19

Question 6. God took a lot of trouble in his creation (i.e.. creating day and night, the seasons, etc.). What does this suggest about the world he created? And what implications does this have in our response to him?


DAY FIVE: Fish and Birds

THEME 7: The creation of living creatures.

Read: Genesis 1: 20-23

Question 7. God’s instruction to the living creatures was “to be fruitful, to multiply.” How does that reflect on God’s attitude towards living beings?


DAY SIX: Animals and Man

THEME 8: The creation of land-based animals: livestock, creeping things, and wild animals

Read: Genesis 1:24-25

Question 8. On the sixth day God created all land living animals. However, man was not created at the same time as all other animals. Why was mankind created last?


THEME 9: The concept of man

Read: Genesis 1:26

Question 9: In God’s previous acts of creation we saw God commanding “Let there be …” However with the creation of man he says “Let us make mankind …” Who was he talking to?


THEME 10: The creation of man

Read: Genesis 1:27-31

Question 10. What unique task did God give mankind to do?


DAY SEVEN: A Day of Rest

THEME 11: A day of rest

Read: Genesis 2:1-3

Question 11. God rested on the seventh day because he had completed all the “work he had undertaken.” Does this suggest that there was other work he hadn’t started yet? And if so, what? Please speculate.

Posted: 23rd September 2016
© 2016, Brian A Curtis