Week 2: A Reluctant Messenger

Read: Jonah 3:1-10

1. What was the message that the LORD told Jonah to deliver (vv 2, 4)?

2. Was Jonah capable of carrying out the appointed task? How enthusiastic was Jonah in delivering the LORD’s message (v 4)?

3. How did the Ninevites respond to Jonah’s message (vv 5-9)?

4. What was the LORD’s reaction to the repentance demonstrated by the Ninevites (v 10)?

Read: Jonah 4:1-11

5. Why was Jonah greatly displeased? Did he have any right to be angry (vv 1-3)?

6. When the LORD has responded differently to what you had wanted or expected, what was your reaction?

7. What did the LORD hope that Jonah would learn by:

a). making a vine to grow to shelter him;

b). providing a worm so that it withered and died (vv 6-8)?

8. The name Jonah means “dove.” Was this an appropriate name for the son of Amittai?

9. Sum up the issues illustrated in the story of Jonah.

10. The story ends abruptly at verse 11. Had there been a 5th chapter to the story, how would you have liked the story to have ended?

Posted: 25th May 2017
© 2017, Brian A Curtis