Judges 10:6-12:7

a). A Story of Prejudice
Read: Judges 11:1-2

1. Describe a time when you suffered as a result of prejudice. How did it make you feel about yourself? How did it make you feel towards the other person?

2. Consider Jephthah’s experience. What were the issues involved?

b). A Story of Mistrust
Read: Judges 11:3-11

3. Was it easy for Jephthah to accept that the elders were genuine in their offer? How necessary was it for the elders to make such a solemn vow, and for Jephthah to be commissioned in God’s presence at the Tabernacle in Mizpah?

4. When someone wrongs you, what needs to happen for your relationship with them to be restored? Can it ever be enough?

c). A Story of Rash Vows
Read Judges 11:12-15, 29-31

5. What do you think was going through Jephthah’s mind when he made his solemn vow to God? What do we know about him that could have made him so desperate?

6. Have you ever tried to bargain with God, by making a vow or promise that you will do something if he only will come to your aid? Did you ever keep it?

7. How important was it for Jephthah to keep his vow? Why do you think that neither Jephthah nor his daughter tried to back out of it?

d). A Story of Jealousy or Pride
Read: Judges 12:1-6

8. Why did the men of Ephraim confront Jephthah? What reasons did they give? Did they give any good reasons to start a war?

9. Could Jephthah have averted war with the Ephraimites? If so, what could he have done?

e). Summary
10. How do our attitudes affect our behavior to others? How do our relationships with each other affect our relationship with God?

Posted: 14th January 2017
© 2017, Brian A Curtis