Judges 8:30- 9:57

A. Choosing a Leader

Read: Judges 8:30-9:6

1. Why did Israel need another judge? How were judges usually appointed?

2. Why did Abimelech travel to Shechem? What kind of person do you think the Shechemites thought they were appointing?

3. What criteria do we use when considering our leaders? What election processes do we use?

B. Loyalty to our Leaders

Read: Judges 9:22-31a

4. Having appointed Abimelech, how much support did he receive?

5. How would you explain verses 23 and 24 to someone who has a problem with the God of the Old Testament?

6. How committed are we to our leaders? How much support do we give them?

C. Facing Rejection

Read: Judges 9:39-43, 46-55

7. How did Abimelech respond to his rejection? Do you think he was justified?

8. How should he have reacted?

9. How do you react when you are rejected?

D. Summary

10. Was Abimelech a proper “Judge”? If not, why is his story recorded amongst the “Judges” of Israel?

11. What does this story tells us about the things we should consider when picking and supporting our leaders: a) in our country; b). in the church?

Posted: 24th November 2017
© 2017, Brian A Curtis