SERMON: Six Steps to Making a Difference

John 4:5-26A. INTRODUCTIONWhether we watch, listen to, or read the news, there are a number of features which appear to be common to every bulletin and newspaper. There are stories of hatred and prejudice. There are stories of misunderstandings. There are stories of...

SERMON: Fanatics for God

Luke 2:21-40A. INTRODUCTIONIn recent years, one of the features of our news bulletins has been the reporting of fanaticism. Reports about people with excessive and often mistaken enthusiasm, particularly in regard to religious beliefs. As a consequence, we have become...

QUESTION: Who’s Tradition?

One of the problems with tradition is the question “Whose tradition?” Indeed, isn’t more usual for there to be a variety of thinking about any tradition and the way it is observed?Posted: 26th April 2020

QUESTION: Tradition or Fact?

Cases for tradition are often argued on the basis of being indisputable historical facts. But aren’t there dangers in building on traditions which may not be totally reliable? Posted: 26th April 2020

QUESTION: Theory or Fact?

These days people seem to accept scientific theory as though it were scientific fact. But doesn’t this fly in the face of scientific method itself, which assumes that any theory is only a working theory, which is waiting to be proved or otherwise? Posted: 26th April...